FFXIII-2 Gets Regular DLC Monthly

FFXIII-2 Gets Regular DLC Monthly

News today that forthcoming the forthcoming sequel to FFXIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, will be receiving regular DLC content that subscribers will have to pay for. The producer Yoshinori Kitase spoke through Japanese publication, Dengeki Playstation, saying to expect a large amount of DLC for the title, roughly two updates per month, each containing multiple items.

The question on everyone’s lips however is how much? Regarding this detail, he wasn’t so forthcoming about however, but he did mention that a good balance will be struck between quality and pricing that will make everyone happy. All we’ve heard from the Square Enix stable thus far has been that the DLC will likely be new costumes and weapons. However you won’t just be able to download the item, you’ll need to be at a certain part in the game which will then give you access to to download the content.

As more news comes to light, we’ll keep you posted on this progress.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer

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