FFXIII-2 And AKB48 Join Forces

FFXIII-2 And AKB48 Join Forces

Andriasang has revealed that J-Pop massive girl group, AKB48, will be teaming up with Square Enix to promote Final Fantasy XIII-2. One of the AKB48 members, Yuko Oshima, has been named as the official test player for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Oricon reported today. Oshima san will be appearing in a tv spot for the game which as yet hasn’t been released but Oricon released a few tidbits of information regarding what will happen in the tv ad.

Oshima will be appearing in a business suit at a morning meeting where she exchanges business cards with fellow staffers after greeting them good morning. She turns to the camera and holds up a disc which contains a build of the game on it. There are 12 test players which she will be heading up and will be working with the people under her to deliver her report on the game.

The first spot airs on the 15th so hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon but until then, check the screenshot below.

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