Free Tickets To Japan, For Real

Free Tickets To Japan, For Real

Popular interwebs blogger, Danny Choo, recently posted how the Japanese Government were giving away free tickets to Japan. As in, you fly there and they pay for your return trip home as long as you could show that you were genuinely going to be looking at the sites and not be overstaying your tourist visa.

A recent update to this article, via Danny, says that the Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner, Hiroshi Mizohata, will be inviting 10,000 lucky people to Japan and be paying for their tickets. There’s a couple of reasons for this, firstly to boost tourism back to Japan following the recent and very devastating earthquake and tsunami, but secondly, they’ll be expecting the chosen ones to blog about their experiences and share their visions with the rest of the world. So to this end, they’ll mainly be focusing on people who have a large social media presence, either via Facebook, Twiter and other social sites.

The budget to undertake this mammoth project is being applied by Commissioner Hiroshi Mizohata and after it’s approved, the applications will begin in Summer 2012. Commissioner Hiroshi Mizohata also has gone on record as saying he hopes that through this experience, tourists will begin to flock back to Japan through word of mouth or by reading about it online.

So do I hope that I’ll qualify? What do you think? 🙂

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