Japandaman Dailies Branching out

My good mate, Ty, who heads up Aussie Gamer (aussie-gamer.com) has been hard at work developing and getting an online magazine called Gamr (no “R”) off the ground which looks great! Issue 3 has recently just been released on the interwebs which is a great read with reviews, previews, editorials and a nifty section called Otaku Culture. I have been asked to contribute to this online publication which I have done with gusto and enthusiasm. The first article was all about the cosplay phenomenon and how it’s begun to leave Japan and infiltrate the Western world while issue 3 features a spotlight on one of the greatest places on Earth, Akihabara.

The next thing, that is extremely exciting, is we’ve decided to start lending some of our WordPress knowledge and skills that we’ve learnt while putting this site together, to other people that may be in need of a site and aren’t sure where to start or need to modify an existing site. First off the bat will be the new site for the highly acclaimed, Eminence Symphony Orchestra, who contributed many wonderful compositions to anime and games alike. Eminence lead the charge in bringing classical music to the gaming masses with their trademark, A Night In Fantasia concerts as well as the many concerts they regularly hold in various countries. Founder and violin virtuoso, Hiroaki Yura, who readers may remember was recently named Music Supervisor for Soul Calibur V, is also heading CIA or Creative Intelligence Arts who are in need of an English version of their Japanese site which I will also be undertaking.

So Japandaman will be extremely busy over the next coming months juggling site responsibilities left, right and centre but this is something that I really can’t wait to sink my teeth into and show off what will hopefully be something that will appeal to everyone! 🙂

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