Taiko Joins Forces With AKB48

Taiko Joins Forces With AKB48

The powerhouse that is the all girl group, AKB48, is teaming up with Namco Bandai to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Taiko Drum Master series of games. The girls will be appearing in a band of commercials to be aired on Japanese TV. One of AKB48’s recent hits, “The Wind is Blowing”, will also be making an appearance in the campaign.



The celebrations will also incude three new developments to mark the tenth anniversary:

Taiko Drum Master Wii Complete Version
Releasing on November 23rd, this Wii rendition of the drum game will feature no less than 100 songs, which to date is the most number of songs to appear in a home version of the game. Up to 4 players will be able to play at the same time, just as in the last Wii title, but this time around you’ll also be able to dress up your Don-chan, that’s the on screen character banging the drums.

Taiko Drum Master Android & Social
Seeing as how Taiko Drum Master is already available for iOS, the Android market hasn’t been forgotten with its own version of the game. At the time of writing however, Namco Bandai hadn’t released any info about this so hopefully we’ll hear more soon.

Arcade Renewal
The arcade drum cabinet machine will also be receiving a face upgrade at some point this month, which will be the first since the game’s release way back in 2001. Some of the enhancements will be an upgrade to a 32″ monitor with additional speakers built in. The cabinets will be network ready to take delivery of new music while the cabinets will incorporate the Bana Passport Card system.

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