PS Vita & Content Management System

PS Vita & Content Management System

Been wondering how exactly you’ll be sharing content between your PS Vita, PS3 and PC? Check out the pics below which show off the “Content Management” program that Sony has has recently unveiled via the official PS Vita site receiving an update.


It appears that the Content Management System or CMS will be controlled the Vita interface with some of the tasks that you’ll be able to control listed below:

  • Backup the data on your Vita;
  • Copy images, music and pictures to the handheld;
  • In case you download content from the PSN and you don’t have sufficient space to store it on the Vita memory card, you can opt to store it on your PC or PS3;
  • Also, you’ll be able to move content that you may have already finished or don’t need at the moment back to your PC or PS3.

In order to connect the Vita to your PS3 in the first place, special software will be required which will be made available on the site at a later date. And as far as connecting with your PS3, this will be enabled via a PS3 firmware update also at a later date.

Brand new PS Vita official site

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