Serah Cosplay By AKB48 For FFXIII-2 Launch

Serah Cosplay By AKB48 For FFXIII-2 Launch

Square Enix recently ran a campaign where you could “Like” the Final Fantasy XIII-2 promo site. For those that went along and voted and were wondering what they were voting for and what the outcome would yield once the 50, 000 mark had been reached, that answer has been revealed.

AKB48 member and FFXIII-2 spokesperson, Yuko Oshima, will be cosplaying as Serah at the official launch party event to be held in Japan.


But the campaign is far from over yet, if the Likes keep rising and hit the 70, 000 mark then Yuko will wear a second outfit  as well so possibly Serah and another character will be making an appearance.

SE has hinted at a third option but hasn’t revealed those details as yet.

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