UMD Passport Program For Vita Owners

UMD Passport Program For Vita Owners

Great news for PSP owners with their library of UMD discs wondering how they were going to play their existing titles on the flashy new, UMD-less PS Vita. Sony recently unveiled what they are calling the UMD Passport Program which will enable owners of games on UMD to transfer them to the Vita.

The program will be launched on December 6 just a few days ahead of the handheld’s official launch in Japan. The games that you transfer won’t be free with a small fee to be paid for each game you wish to transfer, exactly how this will work is outlined below.

  1. First you download a UMD Registration Application off the Playstation Store to your PSP;
  2. Using the XMB menu on the PSP, you launch the newly downloaded application and insert the UMD you wish to transfer;
  3. There’ll be a series of prompts which you then follow before finally;
  4. Downloading the digital copy of the UMD game at a discounted price.

The program will initially support around 200 games from 40 different companies, there is a partial list of games on a site that Sony posted, link can be found below. Generally the prices seem to range from 500 yen up to 1500 yen with some title consisting of Phantom Kingdom, Gran Turismo, Persona 3 and Akiba’s Trip being mentioned.

Even though companies such as Capcom, Square Enix, Falcom, Sega and Konami haven’t listed specific titles, they have confirmed that they are on board with the program, Sony has confirmed.

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