Persona 4 Takes It To The Stage

Persona 4 Takes It To The Stage

Persona 4 just keeps gathering as developer, Atlus, thinks of more and more ways to promote the wildly popular and successful franchise. We already know about both the anime and manga based around the games but today we hear that Atlus and Marvelous AQL will be bringing the game to the stage.

The stage adaptation will be known as Visualive Persona 4 with Visualive being the name for a specific type of entertainment which joins both special effects with live performances. Marvelous AQL will be responsible for hosting the production and bringing it to the masses.



Marvelous AQL launched the information site today, link below, with cast information. Actor Toru Baba, last seen in the Prince of Tennis musicals also from MAQL, will be in the lead character role. MAQL will also be allowing fans to submit names for the lead role character.

If you’re going to be in Japan during March 15 through March 20, then give Visualive Persona 4 a look in at the Sunshine Theater in Ikebukuro. Tickets will set you back ¥7,000 to ¥10,000.

Visualive Persona 4 Information Site

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