PSP Compatibility On Vita

PSP Compatibility On Vita

We recently showed how Sony plans to allow gamers to transfer their UMD games to the PS Vita via the UMD Passport Program, if you missed that post you can can catch up on it here.

What Sony has now revealed is how those games will look on the PS Vita and the interface that will greet gamers when they boot up a digital version of a PSP game. When you transfer one of your existing UMD games digitally to the Vita, you’ll be greeted with the screens below.

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On the left you’ll see the LiveArea section relevant to the PSP game. If there’s a digital manual to be used with the game, this is the area where you’ll be able to access it. While on the right, there are some options relevant to the PSP gameplay such as changing settings for the right analogue stick, bilinear filtering and also being able to change the color space to match the color of the PSP. If you are booting up a game that utilises the game, this screen will allow you to switch between cameras, front and back. This is the part where you’ll also be able to access and transfer your PSP save games to your PC or PS3 using a program that will be made available to the public later on, the “Content Management Assistant”.


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