Theatrhythm Receives More FF Characters

Theatrhythm Receives More FF Characters

Upcoming rhythm based 3DS game, Theatrhythm, received a boost today with the unveiling of more characters coming to the original handheld game. Popular Japanese publication, Jump, revealed that joining Lightning, Cloud, Squall and more, will be the following well loved characters.

  • Final Fantasy XIII: Snow
  • Final Fantasy XI: Prishe
  • Final Fantasy IX: Vivi
  • Final Fantasy VII: Aerith
  • Final Fantasy V: Faris
  • Final Fantasy III: Cid
  • Final Fantasy I: Princess Sara

By collecting crystal fragments during gameplay, the above characters will be unlocked and can then join your team just as the other existing characters can.

Summons, such as Bahamut and Odin, will be able to ba called on and used in your rhythm based fights.

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