Monster Hunter Felyne Itasha

Monster Hunter Felyne Itasha

Itasha is the act of covering your car in Japan with decals of your favourite anime and/or video game characters, They actually have their very own festival dedicated to it in Japan which attracts thousands of people eager to show off their cars and their handiwork.

Odaiba will be host to the Odaiba Motor Festival between November 30 through to December 11 and at the event there will be a special Itasha car plastered in Monster Hunter paraphernalia. Specifically, the felyne seen around the villages, the kitchen and the farms giving you a hand.

The Itasha car is a joint venture between Capcom and Toyota’s subcompact Ractis car.If you’re in the area, Saturday and Sunday, you can catch the felyne in action while on the 3rd Ractis mascot Rakuma will be along for the ride.

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