Sneak Peek: Resident Evil Revelations Bonus DVD

One of the most eagerly awaited games for the 3DS would have to be the portable entry in the survival horror franchise, Resident Evil Revelations. Exciting news today with Capcom announcing that they will be packaging a bonus DVD with the game and below you’ll get your first look at what will be contained.

The DVD is called the “Revelations Report” which will contain over 40 minutes of unseen footage divided into four sections. The sections are: the Official Trailer Collection, Development Team Interviews, Edge Artists Meet Biohazard Revelations and Jessica’s Report.

Title Menu & the Jacket Sleeve

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Jessica’s Report

Jessica is a brand new character into the RE franchise and this little bonus is a featurette giving a small back story.

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Interviews with the Development Team

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Edge Artsits Meet Resident Evil Revelation

This video feature revolves around KenKen from rock band Rize and talent Kyarypamyupamyu who both give their reviews of the game and share some of their techniques which helped them through the game.

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