MGS Events In Japan

MGS Events In Japan

A quick rundown of Metal Gear Solid HD launch related events coning up in Japan for those of you lucky enough to be there now or will soon be.

On November 23 at 10:00AM, which I’ve been informed is a public holiday, Hideo Kojima, Solid Snake voice Akio Otsuka, The Boss voice Kikuko Inoue and sidekick Kikuchi will all be at Yodobashi Camera outside Yokohama station while later on the same day, the same event will be duplicated at Osaka at 4:00PM outside Labi in Nanba. This one however will only feature sidekick Kikuchi and Kojima.

Both public events will contain of a raffle and an opportunity to get your game signed, they will be signing copies of MGS HD, MGS Peace Walker HD or else Konami will be hamding out sheets that you can get signed as well.

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