Ridge Racer To Only Have Three Courses

Ridge Racer To Only Have Three Courses

Yep…you read that right. Ridge Racer on the PS Vita will be shipping with only 3 courses?? It gets better, the game will also be shipping with only 5 cars on offer to race with. This doesn’t sound too appetising or worthy of a launch title for the most powerful handheld console about to be released.

Namco Bandai are saying that the game will be having DLC options and more will be on offer for purchasers of the launch title so all is not lost but this is also why the game comes with a lower price than most other Vita launch titles. This is reason why the game will require a memory card to play the title, to accommodate the DLC.

Harborline 765, Highland Cliffs and Southbay Docks will be the courses on offer and will offer the usual backwards and mirror image courses to challenge yourself along with the standard course design. One of the reasons for the low price is Namco Bandai hope to entice more players to purchase the game and therefore build up the Planetary League mode that ships with the game.

The game has been confirmed at running at 30fps instead of the 60fps that some fans were wishing for but apparently the night courses have been reported as looking amazing thanks in no small part to the OLED screen that Sony have incorporated into the PS Vita.

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