The Otaku Alliance Grows

The Otaku Alliance Grows

So regular readers will know and have already met the two mascots of Japandaman Dailies, being the youthful fun loving Arisu and her friendly but ultra cool Raccoon dog, Kendo. Well today they have a new addition to the JD family or what I call the Otaku Alliance.




Hailing from the trendy nightclub region of Roppongi Hills comes DJ Semtex, otherwise known as Semtex or just Tex to his friends. Tex loves nothing more than to spin the wheels, cutting up the dancefloor for his fans and new converts alike and we’re very lucky to have him here.

Semtext will be releasing, through Japandaman Dailies, a brand series of music mixes that he calls, Express. Why Express? Because the music takes you places and takes you there fast!

So keep your peepers tunes to JD as the first volume in the Express series will be hitting the site very soon and you know you don’t want to miss out on that. Finally why the name Semtex, a volatile explosive agent? Simple, as he puts it, when he’s tearing up the wheels, he’s totally and completely in control and an explosive force to be reckoned with!



PS. As usual the amazing artwork is all done by Japandaman Dailies’ Senior Art Editor, Stephanie, who works tirelessly and deserves all the recognition she gets so give it up!

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