Japan Comes To Melbourne

Japan Comes To Melbourne

Last Saturday, 26/11/11, saw a bit of Japanese culture come to Melbourne. At the Collingwood Town Hall just outside the CBD and set amongst the backdrop of a fantastic warm afternoon, a festival celebrating all things Japanese was held. There were food stalls, Kendo demonstrations, sumo demonstrations and plenty to see and take part in. The grassy outdoor area held many stalls with interesting jewellery and delicious foods to buy and sample. There were also a few stalls helping out with the efforts to rebuild Northern Japan after the March tsunami and earthquake by donating funds from different items on sale such as beautiful calendars with hand drawn images.

Heading inside, after parting with an entry fee of $5, there was even more to see and do. There was a stage area where a Melbourne busker, who’s name eludes me, was performing with his guitar and female guest on guitar, who had the audience in a rapture. Definitely a highlight and will remember to get some footage of him the next time he’s playing in town. Towards the back of the seated area were more stalls selling Japanese food and drink such as Calpis and Calpico, anime drawing demonstrations and origami lessons and workshops. It was a hub of activity and as a bonus, just by walking in and paying, Laucha won the door prize, a six pack of Kirin beer, thank you very much!!

There was also another hall with more workshops such as Japanese lessons, drinking Japanese tea, some beautiful origami and of course more food! All in all, it was a great way to spend a few hours there set with a warm sunny afternoon, friendly people with lots to see, eat and do. Pics in the gallery below 🙂

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