Spot Pass & Monster Hunter G

Spot Pass & Monster Hunter G

Capcom have recently unfurled the covers on the Spot Pass plans they have for Monster Hunter G on the 3DS and there’s some pretty cool touches put in there.

First up, there’s the Post Office which is where you can go and manage your Spot Pass data, in order to access this area you’ll need to speak to the Felyne with the red hat down by the Harbor area, he’s known as the Post Office.

There’s also the Guild Card which is something that all Monster Hunter G players will have which contains character info and parts of your hunting life. Spot Pass will be incorporated to swap this data with other players.

Your Guild Card can be edited, giving it a title based on the areas you clear in the game and also being able to select a background and pose for your warrior.

With all the Spot Passing you’ll be doing, you’re going to need an area to keep track of all the happenings. There will also be a Guild Card Box which will store all this info and can be accessed at any time through the Post Office.

Lastly there are the Furatto Hunters which are the characters with whom you have exchanged Guild Cards with and they’ll be appearing at the Harbor Pub. You’ll be able to pay them in order to get them to do quests for you and as a bonus, you get to keep the rewards.

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