Monster Hunter 3G Demo Hits e-Shop

The 3DS has finally had it’s much talked about update go live and one of the talked about features is the ability to record 3D video however, I think a much better feature with more potential is that the e-Shop will now be able to offer demos so you can try before you buy. In Japan, the first game to make an appearance in the shop is none other Monster Hunter 3G and it’s receiving excellent reviews.

The demo itself can only be played for 30 mins at a time before expiring and leaving you to start again. Well we assume that’s what happens as no one has reported what actually DOES happen. People in Japan, please let us know!

Popular publication Famitsu gave the game two 10’s and two 9’s which isn’t bad and should help consumers make up their mind about whether to buy or not. Next is the third commercial that Capcom have released for the game showing some actual gameplay footage…nice. The trailer does look amazing, judge for yourself down below.


I really like the layout of the touchscreen, it looks pretty cool with its own cross pad no doubt to help those out who don’t buy the circle pad accessory.

Lastly, Capcom also released some images of a another monster who first made an appearance in Monster Hunter  3 but also showed up on the PSP incarnation, Monster Hunter Portable 3G. that monster being Deviljho.

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