Nintendo Direct: New Release Dates Confirmed

Nintendo Direct: New Release Dates Confirmed

During today’s Nintendo Direct conference, CEO Satoru Iwata revealed release dates for some eagerly awaited titles on the 3DS.

First up was Fire Emblem which now has an official release date of April 19 2012. The official name is “Fire Emblem: Kakusei”, Kakusei translates to “Awakening”.

He also showed some gameplay such as the game’s free map the skill systems but he steered well clear of the DLC that was mentioned in Nikkei earlier today. For more info on that, click here.


Next up was a title that I’m personally waiting for which was Kid Icarus which now has a release date of March 22 which is still being tweaked as I write this but I’ve played a demo and it was amazing full of colourful detailed graphics and fast action.

He also revealed that Kid Icarus will be shipping with 3 on 3 team play as well battle royal play. Also these modes will be compatible with both internet and ad-hoc network modes.


As well as these two massive titles, Iwata san also mentioned the release dates for some other titles in development. Mario & Sonic at London Olympics will be hitting stores on the 1st of March while Level-5’s latest, Girl RPG, will be out on March 8 and March 15 is when we can expect to see Dynasty Warriors VS.


He also mentioned some games that already had release dates previously mentioned, these can be found below.

  • 1/12: Ghost Camera
  • 1/12: Ace Combat 3D
  • 1/19: Rhythm Thief R
  • 1/19: Beyond the Labyrinth
  • 1/26: Resident Evil Revelations
  • 2/24: New Love Plus
  • 2/16: Tekken 3D Prime Edition
  • 2/16: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
  • 2/23: Harvest Moon: Hajimari no Daichi
  • 3/8: Metal Gear Solid 3D
  • 3/8: Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project Mirai

Trailers for both Bravely Default Flaying Fairy and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance were also shown but no firm dates for release as yet. All we know is Bravely Default is due sometime in 2012 and Kingdom Hearts 3D will be out in March 2012 as mentioned ar Jump Festa.

Only one Wii game was mentioned which was a title by the Made in Wario team, called Kiki Trick which is due out on January 19.

So all in all, the future for the 3DS is definitely shaping up and looking a lot better than the March launch which saw only one or two must have titles. The 3DS will be a powerhouse to be reckoned with in 2012 and that’s only the first quarter, we still don’t know the rest of 2012 will hold for the 3DS. Watch this space.

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