Nintendo To Hold 3D Photo Contest

During the Nintendo Direct conference, apart from all the major announcements that were made regarding new games and release dates, Nintendo also mentioned that they would be holding a 3D photo contest for 3DS owners. There is a campaign site for the news which can be found by clicking here, which the sharp eyes will note that it is a new Nintendo domain,

The campaign site...snazzy!

Beginning the 18th of January 2012, Nintendo will be holding some 3D photo contests whereby participants will be asked to submit photos taken with their 3DS units to the campaign site. There will be some as yet unannounced celebrities who will be doing the judging. The top submissions as judged by them will be receiving some prizes, as yet also unannounced.

The photos will need to be submitted to the site via your 3DS although the site can be accessed both by pc and 3DS, however uf you access via the 3DS you can of course see the pictures in 3D.

More details of prizes, judges and whether the competition will be opened to the public out of Japan as it come to hand.


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