Season’s Greetings And What Not

I posted this on both Facebook and Google+ pages but in case you missed it, I just wanted to send out a Happy New Year to all Otakus around the world. Hope you had great celebrations with not so many sore heads!

I also wanted to use this opportunity to thank all Japandaman Dailies readers for your continued interest in my site and thanks for making this site worthwhile, my stats show that more and more people are coming to check out my little corner on the interwebs so this is muchly appreciated.

I aim to spread this site open a bit more in this New Year as looking back, the site mainly about gaming in Japan and not so much pop culture or even music for that matter so I will endeavour to throw more J-Pop and even K-Pop music info in here. Maybe even a what’s hot fashion section in Japan at the moment, not that I’m a fashion expert, far from it, but luckily there are people around who can tell me what’s what in Japan with fashion.

I will also look at doing at proper Movies section where Japanese cinema releases will be explored whether it’s in Japan or hitting home dvd/blu ray. Reviews will more than likely follow as well so keep your eyes peeled for that one too.

Don’t forget to take note of the Twitter feed on the front page as well, sometimes I come across some news that is really too small to mention in a full article but is still worth mentioning. When this happens, I’ll also include a link with more info for you to check out.

So a big hearty thank you once again to all readers and thank you for the great word of mouth as I don’t have the funds to really advertise my site. So keep telling your friends about Japandaman Dailies or linking me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, it means heaps to me so let’s look forward to a bigger and better 2012!

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