Trailer And Synopsis For Unbowed

Following on from my recent post about giving more back to the people, that’s you Dear Reader, I’m going to start focussing a bit more on Asian cinema and one movie that really caught my eye was ‘Unbowed’.

The synopsis for the movie goes something like this, “Professor Kim Kyung-Ho insists that a math question for the 1995 university entrance exam is wrong. Later, the university decides against re-hiring Kyung-Ho so he starts a lawsuit for wrongful dismissal. On January 12, 2007, Kyung-Ho’s lawsuit is ruled against him. Three days later, the judge from the trial is shot in the stomach with a crossbow. Professor Kim Kyung-Ho maintains his innocence…”

Ahn Seong-gi, Park Won-sang, Nah Yeong-hee, Kim Ji-ho, and Moon Seong-geun all star in this dramatic piece of Seoul cinema. If you’re interested, you can also check out the trailer below via the link on the Far East Films site. Make it worth your while, it looks great even though it isn’t in English, you know a subbed version won’t be far away.

Unbowed trailer link

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