Fukubukuro Footage From Harajuku & Shibuya

Fukubukuro Footage From Harajuku & Shibuya

We recently ran a post outlining the Fukubukuro or lucky bag sales in Japan that occur from January 1st each year. This is essentially where you part with some money for a bag from a retail store, unsure of what you’ll find inside, however the value of the contents usually far outweighs what you paid for it so you normally pick up a bargain.

Today we have some video footage from various outlets in Japan showing what they did for fukubukuro, ranging from the opening of LaForet Harajuku, which occurred on New Year’s Day at 9AM to the chaos that was the Shibuya 109 store in the heart of Shibuya. Check the video below and for more info, hit up the Tokyo Fashion website, link below the clip.


Tokyo Fashion Fukubukuro Pics

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