Happy Birthday Utada Hikaru

Happy Birthday Utada Hikaru

J-Pop starlet, Utada Hikaru, celebrated her 29th birthday yesterday and the fans let her know they were thinking of her by flooding her personal website with birthday wishes and congratulations. Funnily enough though, her website didn’t make mention of what she was doing for her special day as she’s been on time off since August 2010.

Via Twitter last month, she celebrated 13th anniversary on stage and went so far as to tweet, “Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of my debut! Even though I have been on hiatus for a year already, I received a lot of congratulations, thank you so much.”

Eager fans wanting to know what she has been up to have been met with replies ranging from living the normal life through to paying the dentist a visit to get her teeth cleaned.

Utada is one of Japan’s highest sellers, and example being of her topping the Oricon charts 7 times during November back in 2010.

Happy birthday, Utada!

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