Ultraman, Duel Gundam, Apollo Geist & More Gundam

Ultraman, Duel Gundam, Apollo Geist & More Gundam

A fantastic brawler is heading towards the Sony PSP featuring several well known and popular faces sure to strike a chord with fans.

‘Great Battle Blast’ is a romp of a brawler that is pulling together characters and elements of the following franchises: Ultraman, Gundam and Kamen Rider.

There’s a few familiar bosses thrown into the mix as well such as Tyrant, a boss from the Ultraman Universe who is actually a space alien. A smattering of images are below to feast your eyes on and by a smattering I mean 30+!

Kamen Rider will also be contributing Apollo Geist as another confirmed villain who will be a boss in the game. Before each round, you can choose from the following to be on your team: Freedom Gundam, Gundam, Ultra Mebius, Ultraman, Kamen Rider Decade and Kamen Rider #1. You can select three and also a couple to act as assist characters.

Keep your eyes peeled for this when it comes out on March 1, should be a great addition to the brawler genre.

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