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Wonder Girls Breaking Into The US

Korean girl group, Wonder Girls, are continuing their efforts to break into the notoriously hard US market. The reason for all the hoopla is the release of the movie that the Wonder Girls have made which saw them hit the red carpet in L.A. for a special pre-screening.

The movie is to be shown exclusively on the Teen Nick channel available on cable in early February. Only a few days ago, the group was interviewed by renowned industry giant, the E network. During the course of the interview, the girls talked about what it was like to make the movie and possible follow up work in the States.



Nick Cannon, the Teen Nick chairman and producer, said he was keen to work with the Wonder Girls and bring K-Pop to the USA as he’d always been interested in sub-cultures and bringing interesting experiences to a wider audience.

In turn the group replied that they had grown up listening to American music so they think that this would be a great cross cultural exchange.

The full interview can be seen below.

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