Harajuku Fashion Walk #8

Harajuku Fashion Walk #8

The Harajuku Fashion Walk is an event that’s been taking place since 2010 and last weekend the first one took place for 2012. The walk features and showcases a lot of the colourful fashion that you can only find in Harajuku. This walk was a bit different  from the previous 7 walks before it in that it featured a lot more international participants than before.



The overall aim, apart from showing off the amazing fashion, is to support all the different types of alternative fashion that’s unique to Harajuku. The walk features works from 6%DOKIDOKI, Super Lovers amongst many others. Loads of different colour hair with many different types of Lolitas were also in attendance.



The event started off in the early afternoon at Harajuku station and after making sure that everyone was there, they all made their way through Omotesando Dori going past LaForet Harajuku towards the 6%DOKIDOKI shop. They then turned into Harajuku Dori going past Hyper Core toward Cat Street. No walk is complete with a detour and pit stop at the famous Harakuku bridge for an impromptu photo shoot.



Tokyo Fashion were lucky enough to be at the event and snapped these great pics with an equally as good video so be sure to check them out. These events talk place a few times during the year so if you missed this one, you may be able to catch one of them during the year. And if you are there, they always welcome more people so don’t be shy and join in!






















Thanks to Tokyo Fashion for the great snaps, video and article!

Source: Tokyo Fashion

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