Japanese Amusement Park Celebrates Naruto

Japanese Amusement Park Celebrates Naruto

Hard to believe that everyone’s favourite ninja, Naruto, has been entertaining everyone at Leaf Village for 10 years but how time flies. And an amusement park in Japan feels the exact same way by having several Naruto themed rides and attractions for this year.

Beginning on March 17, the theme park Lagunasia sitauted in Gamamori, Japan will be having faithful reproductions from the Naruto universe ranging from Team 7 setting out to the Shinobi World War arc which regular Naruto readers may remember from chapter 515 from the manga.



The park has christened the event, “Naruto Memories of Chakra in Lagunasia”.Attendees can  expect to see the following at the park:

“Memories of Chakra”

The main attraction features a fierce battle between Naruto and Sasuke at the end.


“Hokage Monument”

Just like you remember from Hidden Leaf Village, the rock carving will be reproduced in the park.


“Hokage’s Palace”

Learn about the activities of past Hokage at ninja school and even earn a diploma.


“Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu Naruto Meet-Up”

Everywhere you look, tons of Narutos amassed in one spot. Gamakichi will be there, too.


“Naruto and Friends”

Meet Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Iruka.


Naruto Motion Picture”

See an exclusive no-credit version of animation spanning all of Naruto‘s 10 years.


“Hidden Leaf Village Ninjutsu Dojo”

Become a ninja and try out various moves like Naruto’s Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken and Sasuke’s Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu.


“Mirror Wheel Eye Stamp Rally”

Become a sharingan user and solve the “Uchiha Family Mystery” to receive a prize.


Naruto Archive”

A making-of exhibit where you can learn what goes on behind the scenes of the Naruto anime.


Naruto Character Show”

A live event with scenery and everything. This is scheduled to run only through July 2nd, so better go early if you’re interested.


“Shinobi Treasure Shrine”

The gift shop, but it’s claiming to be the best Naruto shop in Japan. They’ll have merch exclusive to “Memories of Chakra.”


Naruto Menu”

A full line-up of Naruto-themed food including, of course, Ichiraku Ramen.


“Multi Shadow Clone Quiz”

People who figure out how many clones there are will be entered in a lottery to win an “extravagent prize.”


Everything that was mentioned above can be found in the handy sheet below.


The event will run through til September 2nd and tickets can be pre-purchased from Lawson convenient stores, which will get you a handy “Memories of Chakra” picture scroll with a scroll pen light thrown into the mix. You an expect to pay from ¥1,600 to 700 which is dependent on age however there are more expensive tickets available.

Lagunasia has done a previous Naruto event but this one looks set to eclipse the previous outing being bigger and better than  “Naruto Ninja Dome ’07 in Lagunasia.”

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