AKB48 Shock Departures

AKB48 Shock Departures

The J-Pop world has being shaken up with the news that two members of powerhouse group, AKB48, have resigned and left the girl group. Hirajima Natsumi and Yonezawa Rumi have both tended their resignations amongst a flurry of controversy all having to do with the fact that they have boyfriends.



Apparently there are strict guidelines with being in a group such as this with one of the stipulations being that the idols are not allowed to be in an open relationship and if the bigwigs catch a sniff of these rumours, then they’re usually asked to leave the group.



So it would seem that while it’s ok for them to have boyfriends, they’re just not allowed to be seen as having one, so with the picture finding their way online, it didn’t help the cause for the two young AKB48 idols. Having said that though, they’re both pursuing careers post AKB48, in which way though has yet to be determined.

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