Girls’ Generation Hits Up Paris

Girls’ Generation Hits Up Paris

K-Pop super girl group are continuing their attempt at world domination by hitting up Europe after leaving the USA. Fresh off their debut on the David Letterman show and Live with Kelly!, the girls have hit the shores of Paris and made an appearance on the number one talk show, “Le Grand Journal”.

It has been confirmed that their album, ‘The Boys’ will be receiving a release in Paris making it the first time a K-Pop album has been released in this part of the globe. The last time a Korean song was released in France was way back in the 70’s and the group was Koreana and it was only a single, so this is absolutely huge for Girls’ Generation and for K-Pop in general.

Below you’ll find the clip of them performing on “Le Grand Journal” with their smash hit, ‘The Boys.’


Gotta love the fans’ reactions and the hosts as well, they got into the performance completely but what’s not to love, right?

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