Japanese Summer Festival Recap

Japanese Summer Festival Recap

This past Saturday in Melbourne, 11th February, saw a bit of Japanese culture come to town in the form of the annual Japanese Summer Festival held at the Docklands. It was a great day with very sunny weather and crowds that only got larger as the day progressed.

Beginning at 4PM and stretching through til 8PM with a raffle draw that last an hour, there was heaps to eat and see with Japanese arts and culture on display and for sale at various stalls set up around the edges, there was also local Japanese import magazine shop, Kanga Kanga (@KangaKangaMelb), which was drawing a great crowd with some people seeing Japanese magazines for the first time.



There were a couple of Taiko drum exhibitions which the crowd really got into as well as a Sumo demonstration or two which was a bit tricky to see due to the huge crowd and the arena not being elevated. Still, what was seen was very impressive and gave people an idea that there is quite some skill involved in this national sport.

The food stalls had a great variety but the queues to get some nom noms were massively long in most cases, still they seemed to move along at a reasonable pace. There was also a beer area for the over 18’s where there was the usual suspects of Asahi, Kirin and some other plum alcoholic beverage.



All in all, a good day out, even if the crowds were a tad large for the area, maybe a larger venue can be looked at for next year. The main stage MC confirmed that the festival would go ahead next year so if anyone reads this and they’re an organiser, please choose a larger venue!! 🙂 So I managed to get some snaps which you can check out below, hope they manage to convey how large the crowd was and what a good day was had the people.


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