Ten Minutes Of Kingdom Hearts Footage

The latest Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer hit the interwebs yesterday and it’s impressive clocking in at ten minutes long. As well as the trailer receiving the Gone with the Wind treatment, the site has been updated with new character sections as well as world and system areas to have a look around in.

Dream Eaters are the focus in the new character section while the Dual Link System is shown off in the system section with a couple of video to check out, meanwhile in the world area, you can check out Symphony of Sorcery which is the world set in Fantasia.



Make sure to watch the whole trailer, it’s fantastic! So many characters, so many worlds, so many levels. The brief glimpse we get at the level based on the Tron movie looks amazing. The battles look incredibly hectic with heaps going on at the same time.

Fans of TWEWY on DS can rest easy as Neku makes an appearance in the trailer towards the end. Very brief though 🙁

Once you’re done with the trailer above, there’s a few new images below for you to take a look at. Oh, and that limited edition Kingdom Hearts 3DS unit has Japandaman’s name all over it 🙂
[AFG_gallery id=’53’]

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