Visual Novel True Remembrance Comes To 3DS

Visual Novel True Remembrance Comes To 3DS

Arc System Works has revealed some tidbits of information on the visual novel, True Remembrance: Fragment of Memory, which will be made to the Japanese e-Shop next week.

The story around True Remembrance revolves around a young lady called Ra and Kurome who live in a world where a disease called Setsua Disease infects people by filling them with sad memories. The city in the game, where the story will take place, is full of people suffering from the Setsua Disease and the specialists that help these people by locking these memories from them. This sounds incredibly unique and amazing and promises some original gameplay which unfortunately will never see the light of day on Western shores.



Despite having an intricate story, the game promises to have a simplistic control system by just using a button or an onscreen control system. The game will use the automatic save system and past events can be played back so you don’t lose where you’re up to in the game by refreshing your memory. The game will be available via download only and, will not be in stores, carrying a price tag of ¥500 when it releases on February 22. Surprisingly, the game will not support the stereoscopic abilities of the 3DS.

Some images can be found below of the game in action.

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