Girls’ Generation Artwork Destroyed

Girls’ Generation Artwork Destroyed

Sad day recently in Melbourne with the news that the much loved and snapped by cameras, Jessica from Girls’ Generation mural in Melbourne, has been defaced and pretty much destroyed.

Amongst the many lanes in Melbourne, someone with a sharp eye saw the artwork below in Hosier Lane, Melbourne which led to a few Pop Asians making the pilgrimage to have their picture taken beside it.





Ok, so they were the before pics, unfortunately some ‘talented’ artist on the weekend thought it would be a great idea to tag it and spray over it. To what end, only they would know but Jessica has been completely destroyed now which is terrible news.



We can only hope that some aerosol artist who is also a K-Pop fan will seek permission from the local council and recreate it. Fingers crossed!

Source: SBS Pop Asia

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