Dragon Quest Monsters 3D Site Opens

The build up to the 3DS remake of first Dragon Quest Monsters game, Dragon Quest Monster Terry’s Wonderland 3D, has been given a boost by Square Enix with the launch today of the official site for the game. The first game was released back in 1998 so this remake will be a welcome breath of fresh air for fans who may not have had a chance to play the original.


The site features the usual additions such as character profiles, world settings, tips on how to raise monsters and the battle system is also given a look at. There are some sections which are yet to come but are currently turned off which include information on wireless support which this game will feature tons of from local to internet and StreetPass functionality. Other parts still to be made active are trailers and movies, download section along with a monster guide.

In the game you will be forming a party of four monsters which will have a size parameter, this will directly affect the total number that will be allowed to be in your party at any one time. The game will incorporate the Scout System which is used to perform attacks with on monsters that you wish to capture during battle sequences. As you land successful blows, you build up your Scout gauge which then indicates, on a percentage scale, the chance of that monster joining your party after battle.

Check out some in game shots below and you can have a look at the official site here.


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