Game Gear Virtual Console For 3DS

One of the cooler parts of the Nintendo 3DS eShop is the ability to experience some retro games from yesteryear that you may have been too young to play but still hold their own in the world of hi def 1080p graphics.

And one of the best handhelds to ever grace the arena was the Sega Game Gear. We knew the Game Gear games were going to be making an appearance but now thanks to the Nintendo Direct show last night we now know who and when as well.

March 14 sees the launch in Japan of the three classic Game Games that will be finding a new home on the 3DS and they are:

  • The GG Shinobi
  • Sonic & Tales 2
  • Dragon Crystal Shirani’s Maze

I’ve personally played all three and each are classics in their own right especially The GG Shinobi, I remember I have an import version of that somewhere…

In fact…

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