Anime Top Ten Songs Weekly Chart

Tower Records in Shinjuku, Japan have just posted their top ten list of anime songs for the week from 13th February til 19th February and there’s some great catchy tunes in there. Topping the charts for the week was Chatmonchy’s 12th single “Thermae Roman” which is the OP theme for a 2012 winter anime Thermae Romae.


  1. “Thermae Roman” Chatmonchy (Thermae Romae OP)
  2. “Ohayo! Shinning Day / Uchikudaku!” T-Pistonz + KMC (Inazuma Ileven Go OP)
  3. “Kimi no Shinwa – Aquarion Dai 2 Sho ” AKINO with bless4 (Aquarion EVOL OP)
  4. “J-anison Kamikyoku Matsuri Dj Kazu In No.1 Muneatsu Mix” DJ Kazu
  5. “GRANRODEO B-side Collection’W’” GRANRODEO (1st best album)
  6. “SONICONICOROCK Tribute To VOCALOID” Super Sonico (Vocaloid songs cover album)
  7. “sign” Ray (Ano Natsu de Matteru OP)
  8. “Semegiau Kakushitsu” Masakazu Morita (1st album)
  9. “Days ~Best of Scop~” Scop (VocaloidP)
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