Site Opens For Etrian Odyssey IV

Site Opens For Etrian Odyssey IV

Mentioned at the recent Nintendo Direct broadcast was an exquisite looking game for the 3DS called Etrian Odyssey IV, well today the game’s official site opened today, courtesy of developer Atlus, as well as the launch of a development blog for the title.

In the site you can check out system, character and introduction sections, later on there will also be information on character creation, monsters, battle system and different fields.

In the character section you can have a look at the seven different classes that you’ll have at your disposal with matching artwork drawn by Yuji Himukai. The different classes in the game are:

  • Knight Seeker
  • Rune Master: Master of elemental attacks
  • Dancer: Protect your allies with dance abilities!
  • Fortress: Iron wall that acts as a shield for your allies
  • Swordsman
  • Medic: Recovery specialist
  • Sniper: whack enemies from a distance

Looking at the development blog, there’s an explanation from game director, Daisuke Kaneda, about why the game has included a casual mode. One reason given is so casual gamers can just jump in if they’re too busy to play for a few hours or maybe they’re just interested in the map drawing component as well as exploring dungeons.

For more info, hit up the site and the blog.

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