Surprise Ending For Kingdom Hearts 3D

Surprise Ending For Kingdom Hearts 3D

Tetsuya Nomura, the series director of the Kingdom Hearts series, has revealed a surprise is in store for the end of the during the end credits. The revelation came in the latest edition of Nintendo Power where he encourages gamers to stick around for the credits and not just turn off their 3DS units.

“For starters, there’s going to be some sort of a “surprise” during the end credits of the game. Nomura shares: “This is the first time we’re doing this, but there’s a surprise during the end credits. So even when the credits start to roll, don’t put down your N3DS, and don’t let your guard down!”

 Should be good, maybe it’s the hint of a sequel or could it be related to a possible sequel to DS cult classic, TWEWY, due to the presence of Neku?
Who knows but we’ll see when the game is released and we start playing it for endless nights.
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