MGS 3D Meets Hooters?

MGS 3D Meets Hooters?

Konami has come up with an inventive way to get tongues wagging for the impending Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D release…hold a press conference in Akasaka. Gaming bible, Famitsu was there to cover the event and managed to get the snapshots seen below. People might be wondering what on earth the connection is between MGS and the world of Hooters?


Let’s not forget that covers of Hooters magazines have appeared in MGS games before as posters and gravure magazines to distract the guards allowing you to sneak past them. What ever will they think of next? The lucky press people (where was my pass?) were served up by the Hooters girls and more importantly so, were able to sample MGS before its launch on Thursday.

For more info and pics, check out and Impress Watch.

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