Cloud Storage Support For Metal Gear Solid HD

Cloud Storage Support For Metal Gear Solid HD

Reports are coming in that the high def remake of the Metal Gear Solid series will be coming complete with cloud storage support bundled in enabling the swapping of save data between the Vita and PS3 versions of the game.

How this will come into play is during the unique “transfarring” save game system that Kojima Productions have implemented into the game itself. Transfarring is the method whereby a gamer will be able to transfer his save game from the PS3 version of the game to the Vita version and keep playing the game while on the road.

Konami have announced that TUS or “Title User Storage” will be implemented for this game which is a fancy way of saying that your save game will be uploaded to a cloud system enabling you to download it, to your Vita for example, without using direct Wi-Fi transfarring.

Konami have revealed a release date of June 28 while also showing how the touchscreen on the Vita will be used in game for swapping weapons, using your binoculars and many more actions.

Looks like this release is going to have more than polished graphics but a bit of updated technology as well, this is looking like a great title when eventually released.

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