Ridge Racer Itasha Coming To Vita

Ridge Racer Itasha Coming To Vita

Namco Bandai have announced that fans of The Idolmaster and itasha will be pleased to hear that these two will be joining forces for Ridge Racer on Vita.

For those in the dark about itasha, this is the act of covering your car with decals from anime, manga or video game characters made popular in Japan where they a festival dedicated to this art.

There will be thirteen “EX Color” cars made available soon which are plastered with the Idolmaster girls and will sell for ¥500 each.

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Haruka and Makoto will be the first two girls featured for download on March 14 while Chihaya, Azusa and Yayoi will be made available on the 12th of April. During May, the other girls will each be able to be downloaded.

There will also be four Idolmaster music tracks during May each setting you back ¥150. ¥6,500 is what everything will set you back buying everything separately so taking this into account Namco Bandai will be offering an iM@S Pass costing ¥2,980, so it’s good value.

Below you’ll be able to see a few video promoting this crossover, enjoy.

Fiera x Haruka

Rauna x Makoto

Ridge Racer Download Content Info

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