Hironobu Sakaguchi Sounds Off On Nintendo & SE

Hironobu Sakaguchi Sounds Off On Nintendo & SE

Hironobu Sakaguchi, director of Wii RPG The Last Story, has recently spoken up on both Nintendo and Square Enix during the recent promotional tour he took part in for the game. On tour in Japan and Europe, he spoke about the game in front of large audiences and also, using social media, kept fans up to date on the development progress.

One of the main differences between The Last Story and other titles he has worked on is that this one was published by Nintendo instead of Square Enix.

Through CVG, he spoke candidly about his experiences of working with both companies and what the differences were between the two big giants of the gaming world.

In terms of promotion, there were quite a few differences from what I had done in the past with Square, so I was able to learn lots from Nintendo. I really liked the approach of promoting the product without using fancy words or expressions and just telling it like it is, and so I came away with a very good impression.

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