Review: Bigbang ‘Alive’

Review: Bigbang ‘Alive’

EDIT: The new Bigbang EP ‘Still Alive’ has been reviewed and can be seen here!

After a one year hiatus, the boys from the Korean super boyband, Bigbang, return with a brand new EP that picks you up and makes you remember why this group is a force to be reckoned with.

Intro: Alive    
Thumping beats introduce the listener to the first track; a short track which instantly gets you in the mood wanting more and does so nicely with inviting vocals over a tight dance beat. This intro is good enough to be developed into its own song IMO

What can be said about this track that hasn’t already been said? I’ll give it a try. All the members present gentle vocals over an interesting blend of music fusing electronic beats, guitar and modern instruments. The song has a nice theme to it as well with an insanely catchy hook and a chorus that sucks you in overtime and has you tapping your finger or foot in time with the music every single time. As a launch single, absolutely awesome showing that the Korean super boyband is still capable of delivering the goods and does so with a sweet, unique style.

Love Dust
This is a great dance track with a fantastic electronic beat and a synthesised effect over some parts of the song. An amazing blend of drums with more great vocals by all the members pitching in, especially T.O.P. with his always catchy and undeniable raps in just the right places. The chorus…one of the best ever heard, this a track for those drives by the coastline with a setting sun in the background. Yes, it’s “soundtrack for your life” kind of song. This song needs a music video immediately.

Bad Boy
A song that will bring out the rebellious teenager in any girl, who can resist G Dragon’s smooth vocals over an infectiously catchy riff that borders on reggae style in some parts. The band continues their fusion of different styles that shouldn’t work but somehow they make it all come together. Part R n B, part reggae and all class. Will have you humming this song on the bus, at work or in class, it has that creep on you factor in a great way. T.O.P.’s chorus parts work extremely well with his gravelly voice while Daesung and Taeyang compliment the middle hook of the song beyond well before rolling back into the chorus as smoothly as you like.

Ain’t No Fun
An electronic intro with deep drum beats greets the listener here. One of the lesser publicised songs but still an amazing listen with no desire to skip the song at any point. The trance like quality of the vocals over the chorus is extremely well put together and helps to keep the song flowing nicely. This song will also benefit from a music video and some airplay by radio station and video shows. Has an almost 80’s feel to it but like 80’s brought into the today. Sounds great, plays nicely with more great vocals from the boys.

Fantastic Baby
Ok…this song borders on the absolute ridiculous with how good it is. It is literally an album seller and is a dance floor filler. Electronic techno beats over sublime beats with one of the catchiest choruses heard in the last 10 years, yes it’s that good. G Dragon sounds at his best on this track with his ability to sing while making it sound completely effortless. Both Taeyang and Daesung provide the amazing vocals leading up to the chorus which are amazing, and the ‘Wow, Fantastic Baby’ vocal before each launch into the chorus is an absolute stroke of genius. Works beyond well and is a perfect example of a great dance track done right, a lot of artists and producers can learn from this example. So many sounds going on, you literally have to listen to it more than a handful of times to completely hear everything going on, all the samples, all the instruments, all the vocals. An aural delight.

The Daesung solo is great example of production done right with the vocal hitting all the highs in the right area and never going overboard. An extremely 80’s sounding chorus done right which I’m absolutely in love with being a huge fan of the 80’s. Daesung demonstrates a fantastic range with his vocals and carries this solo effort very well. Great hooks, clever sound samples with great use of classical instruments make this another dance floor pleaser.

In summing up, this is the kind of album that comes anywhere from once to three times in a band’s career. This album is also a fan converter meaning anyone open enough to listen to Asian pop music will become a fan, this much is undeniable. If anyone is sitting on the fence about picking this up, don’t understand why, but you must pick this up. Either go to the iTunes store and buy it now or buy a physical copy from your favourite importer.

It’s early in the year and there are tail other K-Pop artists to release their latest but I’m going on record right now and saying that will be extremely hard to beat and, I’m calling it, this will be the Asian Pop release of 2012. At the end of the year when they look back at the Asian releases, this will top lists everywhere. Yes, I love it beyond words, not a single track worth skipping or included as filler, the kind of album you’ll play through to the end and then start it again, believe. And really, the title tracks says it all, yes Bigbang, you’re still alive.

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5 out of 5 stars, you will buy a cd player just to play this, believe me!

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