4Minute & Sistar Reveal Teaser Images

Korean boybands, Bigbang and SHINee, are currently riding the wave of success after both have recently released brand new, eagerly awaited mini albums. News fresh from the Korean entertainment scene suggests that two girl groups are on the verge of releasing new material as well.

Both 4Minute and Sistar have released teaser images from what could album covers, new images for band members or both.

First up is the teaser for 4Minute, seen below.

So what we know is that the album will be called ‘Volume Up’ and will contain eight tracks which actually a fair amount for a mini album. The album sleeve work seen below suggests that the girls are experimenting and playing with different styles as both teaser shots feature completely different dressing styles.

As well as the teaser shots, a new site has been launched to promote the album which you can check out here.

Sistar are jumping into the fray as well with their teaser shot below and seem to be bringing out their edgier, sexier side judging by the tight leather outfits they’re sporting. The album will be called ‘Red Pictorial’ and launches on April 12.

As soon as we get out mitts on them, we’ll let you know what we think!

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