Supanova 2012 Saturday 14/04

Supanova 2012 Saturday 14/04

Apologies for the late update but the photos have decided to play nice and let themselves be seen by the public at large at long last.

Well, the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Melbourne, Australia, kicked off with a lonnng queue to buy tickets, must remember to pre-register next time, but it was worth it. Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Supanova has been handled by expanding the pop culture festival with far more floor space than it has ever occupied which explains why it’s changed halls from where it’s normally been held.

We saw a few of the stars in attendance from Summer Glau of ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ to Peter Facinelli or Carlisle Cullen as the Twihards like to call him. Apparently, the Weasley Twins, Oliver and James Phelps from the Harry Potter universe, were also there but commanded the largest lines with waits for autographs well over 2 hours! Didn’t catch a glimpse of them at all, far too many people around them at all times.

Tons of cosplayers which is always great to see, see for yourself in the pics below. Vids will follow but they require some touching up before they’re ready. The pics in the gallery below speak a thousand words so check them out and a big thank you to the cosplayers for posing for me, greatly appreciated!!

More tomorrow from the last day at Supanova!

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