AKB48 Hits Up The 3DS

AKB48 Hits Up The 3DS

The PSP has had its turn hosting some AKB48 games and now it’s the turn of the 3DS to host one of Japan’s most popular super girl groups. While the PSP version had actual photographs and live action video of the idols, the 3DS is looking at doing it slightly different by featuring the lovable Miis of the girls.

The game has the title of ‘AKB48+Me’ and is being developed by Kadokawa Games. The game will put the player in the hot seat by playing the part of a prospective new member for the super group. During the course of the game, which will play out in three game years, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the other members with the target being of becoming one of the girls yourself.

The game will be hosting everything that the girls do in real life such as television appearances and heading out to meet your fans in meet and greets. When you’re on stage, the game will become a rhythm game where you’ll be able to sing and dance as well as have a chance to show if you have what it takes to mix it up with the real deal.

Apart from the main game itself, there’s also an “AKB Theater” mode where you’ll be able to try on different outfits on custom stages that you’ve designed yourself.

The title will be releasing some time later this year.

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