Project X Zone Site Launches With Goodies

Project X Zone Site Launches With Goodies

Easily one of the most anticipated games with a lot of secrecy around it would have to be the 3DS title bringing together three of the heavyweights in the game. Sega, Namco Bandai and Capcom have announced that the title is being known as Project X and that it’s a fighting game bringing together characters from different franchises.

Sounds like an updated version of the DS Japan only title, Jump Superstars which in turn was a new spin on the Super Smash formula. Today Namco Bandai launched a great looking site for the title and while it’s very light on information, if you head over to the “Entry Title” menu option, you’ll be confronted with a sound section featuring samples from Sega, Bannam and Capcom characters.

Head on over and take a peek!

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