Evangelion Store Opens In Tokyo

Evangelion fans rejoice, there is now something new for you to spend your Otaku dollars on. Opening in downtown in Harajuku, Evangelion Store Tokyo-01, will be a permanent two floor store dedicated to everything, as long as it’s Neon Genesis Evangelion related.

The store will be carrying apparel ranging from t shirts and other other clothing that draw their inspiration from Eva on the first floor along with assorted fashion accessories. The second floor will see host to more hardcore items such as candy, figures and other Eva related toys.

Check out the gallery below for the amazing pics, a big thank you to the photographer, Mikikazu Komatsu, who sought permission from the store first and posted these to Crunchyroll. Mikikazu has also said that the report from the store’s second floor will be posted tomorrow.

But for now, enjoy and be awestruck.

[AFG_gallery id=’95’]

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